skier knee injury Hakuba

For the second part, we’re going to delve a little into deeper into understanding the rehabilitation processes and decision making that takes place in order for us to confidently allow you to hit the slopes again.

Whether it’s a meniscal strain, an ACL tear or a tibial plateau fracture, your rehabilitation journey has a lot more factors at play than just the hands of time. In order for us to be really confident that you’re ready you’ve got to prove it!

In the past we have looked at how the ligaments of the knee are injured during skiing or snowboarding.

January 13, 2020

Whipping it up in Hakuba

Catching the chair up over Happo-one valley in Hakuba yesterday I watched the familiar sight of beginner snowboarders making their falling leaves and smiled to myself, grateful that those days were behind me.

One of them was getting the hang of it, starting to link turns and gain confidence. And just as he thought he had it “whack” went his helmeted head back as he caught an edge.  Ahh the old snowboard sniper!